Ancient Chinese Luck and Wealth Talisman Is Finally Allowed Outside of the Country...


by Steven Freeman on 02/02/2023

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Do you feel like you just can’t get a break? Like life is hitting you while you’re down, nothing seems to go your way? Or like there’s just some sort of heaviness upon you that you just can’t seem to lift? Well perhaps your solution is some help from this old talisman.

The past year has been rough. Life brought us down and then kicked us for good measure. And that’s just the wider story. Every one of us has had ample amounts of really unwanted hardships that just piled on and on. It seems like the whole world is out of luck, and every one of us unlucky in our own personal ways.

The ancient Chinese of course went through endless such cycles of boom and bust. They even had a saying about their own land: “The Empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide.”

But throughout those millennia, one tradition survived. And it might just help us in our time of need again.

What is it?


The BoLuk FengShui Bracelet has been a powerful staple of Chinese mysticism for a truly long time, being used for everything from protecting homes and pregnant women to corporate mergers. It has been a particular favorite of businessmen and gamblers, but its power is said to help with much more than just luck and wealth.

The Obsidian stones and traditional Pi Xiu talisman are believed to bring good fortune, protection from bad luck and attract wealth. It’s for this reason that the Chinese government had long since had a ban on selling these bracelets outside of China, as well as literally confiscating them from tourists who sought to leave the country with one. Out of a superstition that if they let them leave china, they will drained the wealth and luck of china to the rest of the world.

But now, with the whole world seeming to be quite short on luck, the thought is that maybe if everyone had these, the world might just be able to prosper again (and according to party official logic, the world will be able to buy Chinese goods again).

What Makes It So Special?

The Pi Xiu, also known as Pi Yao, talisman (that little golden dog-like figure) has been believed since ancient times in china to be a bringer of fortune to the home or workplace, the literal kind. Not only that, it’s believed to also stop wealth and fortune from leaving the workplace.

To supplement its abilities, the most popular form of using it is in a bracelet, traditionally made with obsidian stones, a natural volcanic glass, believed to have calming and balancing effects on your mind and soul as well as well as helping ground and connect your root chakra to the earth.

So in layman’s terms, the touted benefits of the BoLuk FengShui Bracelet are:

Powerful metaphysical properties that will help to shield you against negativity.

Generates good Feng Shui

Wards off negative energy, evil and obstacles in your life

Helps with internal strife issues, such as anxiety, stress and suppressed trauma

For proper effectiveness it is recommended not to put it in the bedroom, and instead put it in the living room while you sleep, facing the door.

As for the price of these traditionally handmade talismans, the BoLuk FengShui Bracelet usually goes for the Chinese equivalent of € 49.9. But the initiative to spread the world-wide to help the overall prosperity of everyone has also been approved to include a 50% discount and free worldwide shipping (Now only 29 €). The Chinese are desperate for the foreigners to have money to spend in China, and we’re benefitting from it.

Frankly, whether or not it really has any of those mystical and energetic effects, it’s also a gorgeous piece of accessory. Grab one quick while they’re still on sale, and may they bring you fortune and happiness.

Just Listen to Some of the Stories:

“Look I don’t know if it’s because it’s magic or because the black and gold aesthetic just looks so nice, but I actually met my boyfriend thanks to this little guy. After three different cheating partners in the past five years, I seem to have finally found someone I’d be willing to settle down with. Magic or not, thank you.”

“I have some Chinese investor friends I met way back when we could still travel freely. One of them gave me these bracelets as a gift and I really liked it. I believe I make my own luck in life but it can’t hurt to maybe, give it a little boost right? So I got my wife one too, she swears she started finding random coins in the street since she started wearing it.”

“I’m not the superstitious type but I’ve been getting more and more into eastern philosophy and the last year got me so stressed. I got one of these and I swear just having it on my wrist puts my mind at is. On a more practical note I have not gotten sick ever since I started wearing it so I think it might actually work!”

Conclusion: Should You Get a BoLuk FengShui Bracelet?

Total Score


Value of Money

Absolutely 100%!

Whether you believe they work or not, just the slight hope that maybe they might, is a precious commodity in these hard times, and really that might be their secret, giving people hope to weather through tough times. And if they don’t? Well it’s very pretty and actually rather cheap for something made with real obsidian. So yes. Get one fast before the 50% sale ends.

How to get it:

Now that you know about these amazing and stunning ancient talismans, you must want to know how to get one, so here’re the simple steps:
Step 1: We recommend ordering an original BoLuk FengShui Bracelet (there are knock offs everywhere) from the official site by clicking here.
Step 2: Put it on and walk around with a bit more ease at heart, the Pi Xiu is looking after you.

TIP : The BoLuk FengShui Bracelet is selling out fast right now. We highly recommend placing order fast by clicking the button below before this promotion ends!


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